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31 May


"Indeed, the older you get, the less you can do prim, girlish, preppy, and cute, and the more you can do defined, striking, architectural, and subtle." This quote is from an article that originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Harper's BAZAAR by Lisa Armstrong the Fashion Director of The Telegraph. While this article is a year old I mention it because this theme is still prevalent in the media. I just read one that told me at my age I should wear a swimsuit with sleeves because I really should be covering myself up. In 90 degrees. I am not sure what some of the terms above mean: defined (does that require a lot of black?), striking...
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25 May


I read a lot of content but try to only post for you what I think you may really like to know about or be entertained by. I am not a runner but I'm sure many of you are. So I am mentioning this new running shoe Enda (means "Go" in Swahili) made in Kenya, the first running shoe inspired by Kenya's elite runners, benefiting Kenya. It officially launched yesterday by its two social entrepreneurs via a $75k Kickstarter funding campaign. Their goal is to connect those amateur runners in the West with Kenya's professional racing culture meanwhile benefiting Kenya (through jobs/local community economic growth and enhanced global perception of its consumer product manufacturing capability). Their intention...
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24 May


Guess who nabbed a Kylie Jenner (AKA King Kylie) LipKit? This gal! With every restock selling out within 5 minutes, it will be a gem to be treasured by one of YOU (or your lucky daughter), because Moodsey is giving it to one randomly selected subscriber (as a thank you for supporting Moodsey - with way beyond 100 comments already at only 5 months old). The LipKit (it comes with a liner and liquid lipstick) in shade Dolce K is matte and has great coverage as well as wear (for a non long-lasting liquid lipstick). It is not a natural product, sorry, but it is made in the USA. Our giveaway winner will be randomly selected...
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20 May


Even Target is getting on the "safe" beauty product bandwagon. This Fall they will collaborate with Beautycounter for $12+ "free of potentially harmful ingredients" beauty products. Beautycounter is a Santa Monica startup focused on delivering safe products. After my post In The Mood For Cleansing I decided to follow up on the ingredients of one popular cleanser Cetaphil. I was concerned with what I found, three parabens. We all know that what we put on our skin is absorbed by our bodies. My concerns are potential cancer causing ingredients as well as endocrine disruptors. It is time consuming to read labels and most people don't know the truly bad chemicals to avoid. I am no natural...
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17 May


I'm in the mood to check out this new AG6 high-intensity circuit-based childlike fun zone meets fitness experience in NYC at Asphalt Green. I'm also in the mood to try some of the best and hottest online workouts to do in my own home. For those days when I just can't make it to the gym and want to get in a quick workout. HERE is a fabulous list of 5 selected for focus on specific body parts: abs (Mari Winsor "Flat Abs Pilates"), arms (AKTinMotion "Upper Body Chair Workout"), bottom/hips (Body by Simone "HBT"), thighs (Mary Helen Bower Ballet Beautiful "Hip & Thigh Blast"), back (Physique 57 "Back Body"). The list explains what to expect - like how long...
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17 May


A friend complimented me on my sneakers after we were completely wiped out as usual from our high intensity Power Sculpt class. I was shocked that she didn't know about Bandier where I got them (they are super comfortable and from a limited time collab with Reebok). It is a mistake for me to assume everyone knows about Bandier. That's why I am writing this post about the site (and store). I have a lot of Lululemon but find most of the legging fabrics way too thick for my high intensity classes such as spin and power sculpt. It gets really hot in those rooms and I am more comfortable exercising practically naked. So I've kind of...
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15 May


You must check out these Japanese & Korean beauty brands if you are in the mood to feel cute and playful. My husband just returned from Tokyo and brought me several dejavu mascaras to try. I will let you know which one is my favorite. Click HERE, HERE, & HERE. To shop a range of Korean makeup and skincare brands without stepping on a plane, click HERE. A Korean trend now is the rubber mask. One editor raves that this product gives her an amazing glow Gold Premium Modeling Mask and another less pricey one is this Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask. For information about the trend read Allure's feature of Korean Masks - click HERE. ...
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11 May

IN THE MOOD…#mathislit

Do you or your child struggle with or find math tedious? I am sharing this New York Times article, "Eugenia Cheng Makes Math A Piece of Cake. It Can Also Be A Piece of Pie or Custard - So Says a Professor and Author Who Spreads The Magic of Numbers Through Dessert Recipes". Click HERE to read it. Eugenia is a mathematician and math populizer focused on convincing all quant averse adults and kids that learning math can be easy and fun. My MBA is from NYU but I did not start out as a strong math student. I slowly became comfortable with abstraction and eventually aced statistics (because it was so logical and I liked how helpful it is...
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8 May


Valentino SS16 Georgette shirt with necklace I dedicate this post to my beautiful Italian mother. Happy Mother's day! Everyone seems to have a fascination with French style. My very first luxury purchase was not French but Italian. Gucci. So why do we seem to overlook the Italians? I was thinking about writing a post about it and then stumbled upon this article The Italians Are Coming! In it Leandra has already done the work for me by listing the top 3 upcoming Italian design stars to watch. I think these three brands are also ones to watch. (1) Only 5 year old Aquazzura - The creator Edgardo Osorio was actually born in Colombia and raised between Miami and London but the...
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