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31 Jul


The Teen Choice Awards are on now YAY and there is a commercial break plus it is August 1st tomorrow, so I thought I'd share with you some thoughts about summer that I had this weekend. I'm beginning to think that I should tune out all of the summer fashion (and makeup) advice. Let's get real. The only essential item I wear every single day? Sunglasses! I mean hardly anyone ever sees my eyes in summer because they are always covered by my sunglasses! So I'm starting to ask myself - why bother even with eye makeup? I barely notice what other women are sweating in, I mean, wearing in summer. But I always do notice sunglasses...
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22 Jul


Why can't I find a single interesting beauty topic to post about and share with you after reading nearly 200 subjects from various publications? I'm sorry, but after seeing a video regarding new magnetic fake eyelashes (huh?) I was left feeling as if I had writer's block. Has everyone gone on a mini break and put their blogs, magazines, newsletters etc. on automated regurgitation of old content? Is there really simply nothing that new and worthwhile to share? Is it just too hard to create new content? Well here goes. I will try! Here is a product which may be new to us here in the USA but is well known in Japan. I learned about it...
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9 Jul


It was a signal from above to write about Tesla. I had just read two articles about Tesla, then my sister in law drove up our driveway in her sleek easy on the eyes new one. Days later I stumbled upon two more related articles, was about to write my post, and then the tragic first accident with the Tesla auto pilot function happened. It seems like yesterday when I had my first flip cell phone and started using email (which according to my daughter is so not used anymore because everyone texts). Before we know it, everyone will own lithium powered electric cars. Goldman Sachs research estimates that by 2025 they will drive at least 20% of new...
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8 Jul


I am thrilled to share an American, luxurious and natural skincare brand: Nonesuch. We hear a lot about natural products that come from the earth. Well, Nonesuch products come from the sea to be exact an oyster farm. With no preservatives, chemicals, dyes or perfumes, these products are derived from harvested marine life found in the waters off the coast of Maine. Nonesuch supports (as does the state) a tradition of independent workers who harvest from the sea. Also, a percentage of profits is channeled to organizations supporting clean waters and a sustainable working waterfront. I am using the Face Oil and loving it. I really needed a hydrating anti-oxidant and most Vitamin C serums as well...
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