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26 Jan

mood: hopeful

Can 1 skincare product solve every one of our face's problems? No longer buy multiple creams and serums? A Bloomberg Businessweek article got me hopeful about new multitasking Grace + Tonic Moisture Cream ($35 at Target available 1/27) for a quickly achieved healthy glow. Currently I'm using my own concoction of: retinol (just during winter to tackle age spots and for exfoliation), peptides, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C or squalane oil. Also, the toner (Japanese Hadalabo Gokujun) recently reintroduced. I was taught a long time ago not to bother with eye cream. According to the article "an advantage of using a multitasking product is that you know that the combination of active ingredients is stable, as opposed to combining multiple...
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