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26 Mar

mood: ready, QUICK sun kissed looks.

Solid & Striped Chartreue Rib The Beverly

I hope that everyone is healthy and is soon “just out in the sun living your best life”. Here is a 10 minute vibrant celementine makeup look that I think is really good. This super cute young makeup artist’s “W” wave bronzing technique (starts at 3:51 of the video), 1 second outer eye only “V” technique (starts at 7:28), and overall sun kissed effect can be achieved using any peach, orange, copper, or brown makeup shades you likely already have. Don’t forget your inner corner eye highlight (8:40) “boop it in there”. Lips are at (9:30). 💋

bikini click here for link!

self tanner

bikini in photo

similar bikini in pretty light blue

t shirt in sunshine color for over the bikini this citrus color is such a gorgeous shade, the photo does not do it justice.

A million thanks for following Moodsey, luvya! Take care of yourselves and be well.

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