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1 Mar


A friend who always looks polished gave me the Ines de la Fressange book Parisian Chic. I liked the Mix It Up section on pages 18 and 19. My favorites are the reminders to combine pearls with a rock n roll t-shirt or edgy look (not with a classic or simple outfit), wear ballet slippers (not heels) with a pencil skirt, pair jeans with embellished sandals (not sneakers). This approach reminds me of the Oscars’ low key hair with fancy gown combination that I saw and liked so much.

My friend and I were discussing the no blow drying, no hair styling, no real makeup to speak of, not really trying at all beauty approach. Each of us attempted it but we were left feeling blah and not remotely at our best. There are always phases, times when we don’t or can’t bother but what’s wrong with the American way of always trying (even if it is obvious)? Speaking of this, for a short video that is both a funny and interesting perspective from the cutest loveliest most insightful young lady click here, what it’s like to start wearing makeup.

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