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26 Apr


Claire, one of the grand-daughters of the Clarins founder, recently moved to NYC. When I was an executive for Clarins, I found the chemists and team in France to be impressive. I love that each Clarins product is a unique cocktail of all-natural rare plant extracts delivering on an ethos of nurturing luxurious skin care. Requesting samples before purchase and booking a divine Clarins facial at a spa location is highly recommended, but don’t expect the typical extraction approach or any fancy scraping tools. Theirs is different. Expect lymphatic oil massage using warm compresses to facilitate the draining of toxins and impurities. The purest plant extracts and aromatic essential oils are used. If you are in the mood for total immersion, book skin and body nurturing appointments at the Shandrani or Dinarobin Clarins Spas in Mauritius. I found it to be epic. Click here to browse products or find a local spa, Clarins. For another “holistic” option, there is the acupuncture vacuum-powered microdermabrasion light therapy procedure called the AcuFacial Face Lift. It is not French but is conveniently available at a NYC (and the Hamptons) cosmetic acupuncture wellness center. Click HERE and HERE for more information. An editor says that her results (smaller undereye bags, overall tightening) from one 90-minute session ($530) lasted a month and a half.

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