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7 Feb


The endorphin rush from applying fresh mascara is similar to how I feel after getting my hair done. The littlest thing can make a big difference. Mascara is inexpensive and should be discarded frequently plus there are so many options that if you are using the same one repeatedly you are missing out on cosmetic entertainment. If you really want zing then you can step up to false eyelashes. I have to admit before my daughter became a dancer and had to wear them for stage performances, I used to think of false eyelashes as being cheesy because they can look so in your face obviously fake. Now I think that if a few individual fake lashes strategically placed give me that extra zing that mascara does but taken up a notch, then I will do it. I like to use a lot of very black mascara because it pops open my eyes. I am a good candidate because I rarely walk out the door without mascara yet I hesitate. Here is why What Might Happen With Eyelash Extensions. Check out  wearefauxeyeko LondonHuda Beauty for zing. Brown is less harsh than black. If launched, Kylie Jenner mascara and false eyelash products would be very popular.

My current mascara: Make Up Forever, Smoky Extravagant – I really like it

  • Jennifer

    I tried false lashes once but thought I looked like a clown. I think they might look nice for a fancy occasion but the permanent ones can’t easily be removed for a trip to the grocery stire….

    March 1, 2016 at 5:08 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I also recently tried them and took them off because they looked fake. I will try the individual lashes next. Have you tried them or did you just give up?

    March 10, 2016 at 10:21 am Reply

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