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26 Nov

mood: daring

I GOT MY FREAK ON & GOT LASH EXTENSIONS. I GOTTA WORK IT! Here are before and afters. Thanks Missy Elliott for your song Freak On inspiration.

As I left the salon in disbelief of how good it looked someone yelled “First time? It’s addictive!” I was scared that I might look too extra and wanted the excuse that it was part of my costume so I had it done on Halloween.

It took an hour and a half at the salon. Shedding occurred week two, but they still look great. With them I feel I need zero makeup which is the #1 reason to do it.  Magical best describes the effect. I don’t look like a freak. Friends think it’s extra mascara. Good friends and family notice something is different right away. My eyes look wide open, many describe them as pretty, and for me it succeeds in the goal of distracting attention away from smile lines I really don’t like.

I do feel them and should not rub which I find bothersome and restrictive. They are silk, applied with medical glue. I wonder what’s in that. Damage to my natural lashes is TBD. Natural lashes and additions slowly shed so replacements require frequent salon visits. As a minimalist, that (and potential damage to real lashes) is my #1 reason not to do it all year. This is for holiday season. Every now and then a girl’s got to get her freak on and work it.

Current mood: brave (to share these photographs) and curious (to hear your thoughts).

Go to @vivienne_bd and see how my enhanced lashes look in action.

Here is In The Mood For Zing for more about false lashes and mascara.

What is your beauty addiction (or get ready for holiday season get your freak on)? Please share in comments below.


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  • Julie Landy

    Ive been curious about them too! They look great! I am seeing them a lot and know quite a few people who have done this as well and who keep coming back for more. Eager to hear about your experience in the next weeks and months. But for now don’t worry and just enjoy them!

    December 3, 2017 at 9:12 am Reply

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