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8 Jul


I am thrilled to share an American, luxurious and natural skincare brand: Nonesuch. We hear a lot about natural products that come from the earth. Well, Nonesuch products come from the sea to be exact an oyster farm.

With no preservatives, chemicals, dyes or perfumes, these products are derived from harvested marine life found in the waters off the coast of Maine. Nonesuch supports (as does the state) a tradition of independent workers who harvest from the sea. Also, a percentage of profits is channeled to organizations supporting clean waters and a sustainable working waterfront.

I am using the Face Oil and loving it. I really needed a hydrating anti-oxidant and most Vitamin C serums as well as oils are very expensive at double the $50 price (like the $110 goop by Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil). Their face oil is so refreshing and effective. The ingredient list is equally as wonderful because there are no unnecessary added chemicals, just natural potent resources from both sea and land: cranberry, argan, carrot seed, sesame seed, jojoba, and hazelnut oils, Maine sugar kelp and oarweed. I just pat it on all over my face and I have a gorgeous glow which is not at all greasy looking. This is now going to the top of my list for a hydrating face anti-oxidant. In my previous post In The Mood For Clarity, I discuss face oils and how much I like the Physicians Formula Argan Oil and its affordable price. However, I really like the cocktail mix of more than just argan in the Nonesuch oil. I feel it is delivering a little extra ooomph for lack of a better word. To read my post about evening out skin tone, gaining skin clarity, with product suggestions click HERE.

I am also using the Maine Sea Salt Body Scrub all over in the shower, which is deliciously invigorating, especially after my daily hot, sweaty summer workouts at the gym. I am becoming addicted to using it on my feet, back, and thighs. Next to try (stay tuned) is their body oil fortified with Maine Kelp. I intend to pack this (and keep it away from my daughter who will want it) for my trip to the Hamptons. Especially after learning that Kim Kardashian applies a mix of body oil and lotion all over her body prior to workouts as her secret cellulite reduction skin firming sauce. LOL

I can’t wait to see what Nonesuch comes up with in the future as they expand their product offerings. As I have said before, it really is only a matter of time before we all are using only healthy beauty brands and other brands are forced to stop formulating with unnecessary chemicals or cease to exist from lack of demand. I do not receive any proceeds from your purchase of this recommended product. To browse and purchase click HERE.

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