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9 Jul


It was a signal from above to write about Tesla. I had just read two articles about Tesla, then my sister in law drove up our driveway in her sleek easy on the eyes new one. Days later I stumbled upon two more related articles, was about to write my post, and then the tragic first accident with the Tesla auto pilot function happened.

It seems like yesterday when I had my first flip cell phone and started using email (which according to my daughter is so not used anymore because everyone texts).

Before we know it, everyone will own lithium powered electric cars. Goldman Sachs research estimates that by 2025 they will drive at least 20% of new vehicle sales (we are at less than 3% today). Lithium enables a lightweight structure and requires less frequent charging. Electric vehicles have not been very cool up until now. I have always been intrigued by the idea of the environmental benefits with electric cars. Tesla has made me even more interested because it looks so nice in an understated elegant appealing way. The futuristic features like the ultimate-air filter, parallel sensor driven autopark, and the 17 inch touch screen are good looking and useful. Ok I’ll be honest here, it’s sexy. I have been lured into a slight obsession with the idea and mission of Tesla.

Apple has been aware of the sex appeal for a while now, of course. Tesla’s CEO admitted that Apple will likely be their competitor by 2020 (Estimated per CEO Elon Musk as reported by the Wall Street Journal, June 2 2016).

I was really shocked when a friend told me that leasing a Tesla is far more affordable than I thought. This makes sense, there is much less depreciation on a leased Tesla so the lease cost is much lower versus a gasoline fueled car of similar value.

There is now (as of April) a brand new gallerylike Tesla showroom space in artsy industrial Red Hook, Brooklyn. So there is no excuse for me or you to satisfy a curiosity about possibly embarking on a trend that will change our lives. Don’t wait too long. The wait list was on June 1st already at 373,000 for the Tesla $35k upcoming mass-market Model 3 sedan (New York Times, June 1 2016).


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