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10 Sep


It’s Back To School time and the Fall fashion frenzy is all about velvet, faux fur (in mules), block heels, loafers, brown, green, patchwork, raw edges, high waists, puffy sleeves, neck scarves, handbag guitar straps, bombers, and stirrup pants. Not all together. Wait. Well, maybe. I mean, I have yet to read that all those trends can’t be worn at the same time! I am sure it’s been tried on the runway.

Since my blog really isn’t a fashion site but I do find fashion trends entertaining, I will select a Fall muse. And the winner is…Brooke Testoni!

Somehow on her, the Winter return to the 1980 doorknocker earring looked fun and the Fall bomber is the bomb. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Click HERE for good looking Brooke’s latest looks. Scroll down, it’s fun to see just how great a neck scarf tied in a bow can look (on a millennial).

My favorite is the look pictured above. Too bad the Eugenie top is already sold out and the bomber bombed on me. I did however find a great affordable understated (no shiny fabric or puffy sleeves, not too cropped nor too long, looks amazing with a basic jean and T shirt, available in black or khaki) bomber from Superdry – click HERE. The high waist jeans work for me. I like how they elongate the legs. I’ll stick with a skinny or straight fit because while I am a mom I look dowdy in mom jeans. In Fall for running around, I live in sweaters so will pair them with a high waist jean like Brooke’s and my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers that are still very popular and ultra comfortable – pictured HERE.

Fall is a good time to remind you of my post Luxury (YSL, Chanel beauty & accessories) in case you weren’t aware that there are a number of places discounting luxury brand bags. Celebs are wearing luxury structured satchel bags (no slouchy hobos or totes) with their run around casual outfits. They add polish.

If you like the idea of texture for Fall, click HERE for what’s new at Zara in velvet, type “velvet” in search.

Sometimes all we simply need in Fall is a fresh color on our nails and I highly recommend the new Essie shade Jazz (I have no idea how to describe this neutral cool color, gray-taupe-beige?) – check it out HERE. Don’t forget about the clean and modern Chanel gel-like polish shades I featured in my slideshow HERE.

Maybe you are in the mood for a strong color pop? I searched high and low to find an exact match to Kendall’s lips (because we have similar coloring) as Kendall is pictured in my last post on instagram @vivienne_bd. I love how Maybelline’s new Rebel Pink lipstick #815 instantly brightens my face. Add just mascara, concealer and I am out the door in a flash. Find your muse, copy her. This is by far the easiest and best Fall hack ever.

I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of recommended brands.

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