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31 Jul


The Teen Choice Awards are on now YAY and there is a commercial break plus it is August 1st tomorrow, so I thought I’d share with you some thoughts about summer that I had this weekend. I’m beginning to think that I should tune out all of the summer fashion (and makeup) advice. Let’s get real. The only essential item I wear every single day? Sunglasses! I mean hardly anyone ever sees my eyes in summer because they are always covered by my sunglasses! So I’m starting to ask myself – why bother even with eye makeup? I barely notice what other women are sweating in, I mean, wearing in summer. But I always do notice sunglasses because when I speak with someone that’s where I am looking, at the face, no where else!

So as a true minimalist, I’ve decided that is what is most important in terms of fashion for summer. There’s nothing that can age us or make us look good immediately, than the style of our sunglasses. I’m sure you would laugh if I wore my Vuarnets, remember those? Flashback! Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always loved classic looks, but there’s just something about how immediately sunglasses elevate your active wear, T shirt dress, or cover up.

We still have all of August left. If you are starting to feel sad that summer immediately flies by, which it does, take a look at Quay sunglasses. I’ve vowed to make no more summer fashion purchases, but there’s nothing wrong with a little shopping therapy if you’re still wearing the same sunglasses you’ve had for years. I already updated my look a while ago – with the Koshi mirrored lenses and clear frames by Quay after first spotting them in London at Topshop then on Gigi Hadid in an amazing photograph of her. I love my Quay Koshas!

The Aussie brand Quay is affordable and super cute. They are around $50 versus Cartier’s $1k. Do you also think the Quay Cherry Bomb aviators look similar to the Cartier aviators? Close enough right?

To me, white or clear or metal frames look more lightweight versus tortoise or darker color frames. Mirror lenses are still going strong. My teens give me their undivided attention when I wear my mirrored lenses – they like to look at themselves in them. So they are great on many levels. Ha!

I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of this recommended brand. Click HERE.

For the Cartier sunglasses pictured above, have to admit they are golden goddess gorgeous and those tiny panther heads on the temples? Oh my! Click HERE, also available in gray.

5 tips for how to avoid breaking your sunglasses – click HERE.


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  • Adele Bonnie

    I think I need these!

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