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5 Mar


At what point does aspirational simply become the ridiculous? I’ve personally heard and read opinions that they’ve had enough with Gwyneth Paltrow’s “goop” and her “I am perfect living a perfect life” and that everyone should buy into this concept (at a high price tag). It is so interesting to me that she quite literally eliminated a large portion of women from being able to afford her new skincare collab w Juice Beauty by pricing at $90-$140 per product. I feel this was a miss. I am sure the products are great (they better be epic at these prices), but this approach reminds me of the 80s American Express positioning of club exclusivity. That was illogical. You would never advertise anything exclusive. Times have changed. Everyone knows everything via social media. You can get great product at great prices.  Everyone knows this. So why would we even if we can afford it buy into a “la la” pie in the sky “I am perfect” lifestyle brand at high prices when organic skincare already exists? I guess because she is Gwyneth and everything she touches turns to gold right? It is the Celeb halo that still sells. Celeb trumps knowledge circa 2016.

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