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3 May

mood: practical

I just read “8 Pieces You Need To Pull Off Athleisure Like a Fashion Girl” and decided I must write “8 Pieces We Need To Pull Off Athleisure Like a Real (not foolish) Girl” so here you go!

☑ Black, navy, white, gray solid tops and bottoms that are comfortable and enhance our shape from Athleta, lululemon, or Bandier. For a tailored fit to your top experiment knotting in the front, on the side, in the back with a hair tie then tuck under. Another option is to turn your top inside out, grab the bottom or middle into a small bunch and tie with hair tie then turn the top right side out and lengthen if needed.

☑ Jean jacket or chambray button down tied at waist. No need to use a locker, just fold and insert into gym bag.

☑ Large tote bag that fits a lot (spin shoes, water bottle, jacket). I’ve seen several LVMH totes at my gym and MZ Wallace totes. I use a distressed camouflage green leather from the village in NYC, it was my grad school book bag.

☑ Black, gray, and/or white sneakers – although I am now really into the whole white sneaker trend like these adidas running shoes or my Stan Smith adidas because I think they look really fresh with black and gray for Spring/Summer.

☑ Wireless beats.

☑ Awesome underwear – Under Armour Pure Stretch Sheer Cheeky.

☑ Anything that works to keep our hair out of our face which really varies by personal preference and hair type. Skip the hair spray, dry shampoo, any hair styling product because it will make your head itch when the sweat starts.

☑ Baseball cap to cover post gym head and/or fun sunglasses. I just ordered Quay Eclipse sunglasses.

☑ Also, here are the hottest practical virtual (live streaming) fitness options:

ForteFit ($99/year), Booya ($10/month),Tracy Anderson ($800/year), Yogis Anonymous ($15/month), Peloton Cycle, Pilates Ology ($149/year), Daily Burn ($13/month), Ballet Beautiful ($10-15/class), Yoga Glo & Meditation ($18/month).

☑ Check this out if eating practical salads is on your agenda salads.

☑ A post gym quick makeup tip (based on many youtube makeup tutorials) is to dab Aquaphor or any lightly tinted lip balm or gloss on the eyelids, brow bone, cheeks, cupids bow, and lips for a dewy high gloss but natural looking glow. Use an eyelash curler and brush brows. This is for when you don’t want to wear makeup, but want to look polished.

Moodsey is about sharing not selling and does not receive proceeds from purchase of these recommended brands.

  • Denise

    Lots of good information in this blog to start off summer. My favorite is the write up on salads. So true about building a salad that has the calories of a cheese burger. Love the yogurt base dressing…my favorite is Bolthouse Farms Classic Ranch or Ciltano sold at Walter Stewart’s. So true to keep toppings to just two.

    May 3, 2017 at 2:11 pm Reply
  • Hartley Cassady

    I have been wearing the same gym uniform for years – a jog bra (Nike, typically) under an Old Navy fitted rib-knit tank – and could totally use an update…if I ever get around to it. The Old Navy tanks are great! Fitted and a good length with a bit of stretch…and they actually wear well (and are cheap). But it all gets peeled-off after a sweaty spinning class!

    May 4, 2017 at 11:44 am Reply

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