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14 Jul

mood: positive

This really resonated with me! The Power of Positive People by The New York Times HERE.  Please comment and share your thoughts or experiences below. Cheers to a  healthy,  happy,   sunny, and...
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22 Sep

mood: reflective

What do grandma curtain vibes and a book about fitness have in common? Summer, of course! Here are my two favorite purchases from summer which ended today, the first official day of Autumn. ☑ The MAJORELLE collection Rosebud Romper in vintage floral from Revolve  The floral trend continues into Autumn but head to toe maxi even midi florals are not easy to pull off. The trick, according to the 100 (I kid you not) fashion youtube videos I watched, is to keep the print small, break it up with a belt, jacket or sweater, and boots. Easy right? Lol. We shall see. ☑ Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza This novel is about our obsessions with getting fit, available on Amazon - From the bestselling authors of The...
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29 Jun

mood: curious

This sounds interesting, can't wait to see if it's good. In beta is Amazon's convenient new Prime Wardrobe service - free 7 day try on, up to 20% discount, free returns and box pickup from your front door. I am curious for it to launch because my daughter and I've discovered new brands carried by Amazon like: Lilly Pulitzer, Michael Stars, Ray Ban, etc. Did you know that you may checkout of your favorite sites via Amazon for entire family and household items like Shopbop even IKEA (officially in 2018). Amazon is becoming a giant retail magnet of more brands (Whole Foods the latest), because brick and mortar stores are dead and someone has got to aggregate in a convenient...
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3 May

mood: practical

I just read "8 Pieces You Need To Pull Off Athleisure Like a Fashion Girl" and decided I must write "8 Pieces We Need To Pull Off Athleisure Like a Real (not foolish) Girl" so here you go! ☑ Black, navy, white, gray solid tops and bottoms that are comfortable and enhance our shape from Athleta, lululemon, or Bandier. For a tailored fit to your top experiment knotting in the front, on the side, in the back with a hair tie then tuck under. Another option is to turn your top inside out, grab the bottom or middle into a small bunch and tie with hair tie then turn the top right side out and lengthen if...
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12 Jan

MOOD: FRUSTRATED where did my gym mojo go?

CAUTION! A crime has been committed. BY me or TO me. Maybe both. At least that's how it feels. I am trying EVERYTHING to get my workout mojo back. I've stolen my teen's "beats" headphones and church was selfishly used Christmas eve, as I desperately seek any and all divine intervention. Here are AJR's "Weak" song lyrics that inspired this post. "Am I weak? And what's wrong with that. Boy oh boy I love you when I fall for that. My habits they call me like a grudge. But I give in so easily. And no thank you is how it should go. I should stay strong, but I'm weak and what's wrong with that boy oh...
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23 Oct


Look at what I can do after a year of dedicated strength training - squats with 135 pound weights. Crazy, right? Check out the legs on my 43-year-old friend and health coach, Adele Bonnie. Incredible! Look at 80-year-old Ernestine Shepherd pictured above. Wow!! My and Adele’s goals have shifted over time. I used to be more concerned with being “thin” but now I’m more interested in muscle tone and strength. Adele used to run for hours but now she loves seeing how many pull-ups she can knock out in 5 minutes. Our goals and schedules change over time and your goals may be totally different from ours. But we find that what most women we know have in...
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5 Oct


Are we ever in the mood for core workouts? Maybe not. But I do need them. Some days (like today for me) we can't make it to the gym and just want someone to tell us what to do so we can get it done, quickly. So here you go. I've got 1 to share! We can do (try) anything for 6 minutes right? We just follow along (the best we can) as we watch Lauren Kleban's video. Forget crunches. Planks are where it's at. Nothing but a device, floor, mat, and maybe elbow pads are needed - so we have no excuses right? Lauren is a former professional dancer, choreographer, Hollywood trainer, and now digital fitness...
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28 Sep


I am addicted to a gadget that instantly relieves my aches and gets the kinks out. It is effective at easing muscle tension and blood flow. This is something you can do anytime in just a few minutes. Also, it is affordable and easy to use. Although it feels like I am sharing a secret many of you likely already know about the foam roller, a post workout gadget that really helped me and I got hooked on when I was seeing a physical therapist for an injured rotator cuff. Click HERE for 6 moves from Well + Good. I have the Power Systems roller $15 from Amazon click HERE. However, rumor has it that the Rumble Roller...
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17 May


I'm in the mood to check out this new AG6 high-intensity circuit-based childlike fun zone meets fitness experience in NYC at Asphalt Green. I'm also in the mood to try some of the best and hottest online workouts to do in my own home. For those days when I just can't make it to the gym and want to get in a quick workout. HERE is a fabulous list of 5 selected for focus on specific body parts: abs (Mari Winsor "Flat Abs Pilates"), arms (AKTinMotion "Upper Body Chair Workout"), bottom/hips (Body by Simone "HBT"), thighs (Mary Helen Bower Ballet Beautiful "Hip & Thigh Blast"), back (Physique 57 "Back Body"). The list explains what to expect - like how long...
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17 May


A friend complimented me on my sneakers after we were completely wiped out as usual from our high intensity Power Sculpt class. I was shocked that she didn't know about Bandier where I got them (they are super comfortable and from a limited time collab with Reebok). It is a mistake for me to assume everyone knows about Bandier. That's why I am writing this post about the site (and store). I have a lot of Lululemon but find most of the legging fabrics way too thick for my high intensity classes such as spin and power sculpt. It gets really hot in those rooms and I am more comfortable exercising practically naked. So I've kind of...
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