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1 May


The Economist just published an article that validates the Moodsey premise in a major way. I am loving it. The article is titled “The Grey Market. Older Consumers Will reshape The Business Landscape”. It explains the current “grey-quake” of an older population as the richest in the richest countries and how it has largely been ignored or mis-targeted by companies trying to sell their services and goods.

Moodsey started out of my frustration about how we (as a certain age, trend intrigued, and fit group) are ignored or altogether misunderstood.

The Economist focuses on an older age group (Baby Boomers) than Moodsey but it is also relevant to those 40 and 50. Per the Economist, “companies have been relatively slow to focus on this expanding market…”. They go on to state exactly what I did in my “About” tab for Moodsey, “One reason for this tardiness is that young people dominate marketing departments and think that the best place for the old is out of sight and mind.” LOL but true. I know many “older” women who are and look in better shape than likely 95% of 20 year olds, not to mention the fact that they are tremendously wealthier ready to spend on current trends: technology, gadgets, devices, wellness, fitness, fashion, beauty etc..

The article continues to point out that a report by the McKinsey Global Institute highlights how “…older consumers are one of the few engines of growth in an otherwise sluggish global economy”. Millennials are still suffering from student debt and the 2008 financial crisis fallout.

So the “old” really should be “in”. There is some difference between the 40/50s and the 60+, which is how their money is being spent. I’ve noticed that travel becomes a lot more important. There is more freedom to do so with children as adults plus there is an uncompromising desire for more luxurious style of travel.

The premise behind Moodsey is to prove to young editors that they’ve got the 40+ female crowd all wrong.

Younger editors, older bloggers, all media and those companies trying to sell us products – listen up. We are the ones with the spending power for ourselves and for our daughters. It’s fun trying new makeup and checking out new fashion ideas. Our music gets us going every single day (for me it’s top 40 & hip hop). Our fitness gadgets, apps and devices are the latest and greatest. We are “down for” all things on trend. We want to know what’s new and hot. We are hot. (We work hard at staying fit and healthy!) Don’t alienate us by treating us as old.

As of this moment, I will share all things large and small that appeal to me and I find interesting – to illustrate that our interests aren’t always that different from those of the younger generations and that we do spend $$$. I want to hear what you think. Let’s rally and prove to those with misconceptions – that they’ve got us all wrong. To read the Economist April 9th article click HERE.

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