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13 Jul

mood: chillin

This feels like I'm wearing pajamas and requires zero styling because everything goes and it looks great with no jewelry. Do you have a black romper? Here are options if you don't: sleeveless ruffle, cold shoulder, off shoulder, short sleeve scalloped, more cute options than you could ever imagine. On me: sleeveless ruffle,  L.K.Bennett leather wedge, also nice are these tan flat sandals that remind me of the Hermès Oran Everlane, vintage family Nantucket basket bag. Moodsey is about sharing not selling and does not receive proceeds from purchase of these recommended brands....
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14 Oct


If you missed out on the Broadway musical hit Hamilton tickets as I did, block your calendar, because one week from today - on Friday, October 21st at 9pm ET PBS is airing a 90 minute special about it with cast performances. This isn't just any review, it is a behind the scenes documentary about the creator's journey while developing the show. It is also a great time to sit down with your family for some entertainment and history. Check out "Hamilton's America" trailer above....
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9 Oct


"Americans are obsessed with happiness - and it's making us miserable". Lol! Per Ruth Whippman a Brit and author living in the USA. We laugh, but maybe she has a point and it is at least worth thinking about. Did my kid make the A team? Get invited to the party? Should I go to the gym or catch up on my much needed rest? Should I start that gratitude journal or pick up Gretchen Rubin's best seller Happier at Home? The book The Alchemist told me I should know my passion and pursue it. What is my passion? I should know it! She seems nice, I'd like to be her friend, but will she like me? Do...
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9 Jul


It was a signal from above to write about Tesla. I had just read two articles about Tesla, then my sister in law drove up our driveway in her sleek easy on the eyes new one. Days later I stumbled upon two more related articles, was about to write my post, and then the tragic first accident with the Tesla auto pilot function happened. It seems like yesterday when I had my first flip cell phone and started using email (which according to my daughter is so not used anymore because everyone texts). Before we know it, everyone will own lithium powered electric cars. Goldman Sachs research estimates that by 2025 they will drive at least 20% of new...
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14 Jun

IN THE MOOD…2016 Teen Slang

This is dedicated to moms with graduating teens. Don't worry if you don't understand any of this. Neither do the Youtubers in this video. Also, don't admit you know this slang. Your teens will hate that. Don't tell your teen that you are a stan (hardcore fan) of them. They will roll their eyes and think you are extra (over the top). However, if their grades are not good you could describe them as sus (suspect, sketchy) and they may be impressed with your slang sis (the new bro). We woke (being aware of pop culture) to teen slang because we want to know if our teen drags (gossips negatively) about us. I am sharing this to ensure our famsquad...
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25 May


I read a lot of content but try to only post for you what I think you may really like to know about or be entertained by. I am not a runner but I'm sure many of you are. So I am mentioning this new running shoe Enda (means "Go" in Swahili) made in Kenya, the first running shoe inspired by Kenya's elite runners, benefiting Kenya. It officially launched yesterday by its two social entrepreneurs via a $75k Kickstarter funding campaign. Their goal is to connect those amateur runners in the West with Kenya's professional racing culture meanwhile benefiting Kenya (through jobs/local community economic growth and enhanced global perception of its consumer product manufacturing capability). Their intention...
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11 May

IN THE MOOD…#mathislit

Do you or your child struggle with or find math tedious? I am sharing this New York Times article, "Eugenia Cheng Makes Math A Piece of Cake. It Can Also Be A Piece of Pie or Custard - So Says a Professor and Author Who Spreads The Magic of Numbers Through Dessert Recipes". Click HERE to read it. Eugenia is a mathematician and math populizer focused on convincing all quant averse adults and kids that learning math can be easy and fun. My MBA is from NYU but I did not start out as a strong math student. I slowly became comfortable with abstraction and eventually aced statistics (because it was so logical and I liked how helpful it is...
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5 May


Pure Wow image I dedicate this post to my daughter, a doughnut lover. Ok, so maybe I am craving sugar right now. This dreary cold gray weather we are having makes me want to curl up in a blanket with a freshly brewed hot cappu and a carb + sugar load. Shhh don't tell my friends I see daily at the gym. This is so not a food blog but then again I don't exactly consider a doughnut food do you? It's more like Benadryl or Advil. It's for when nothing else is working to help alleviate some ailment that has become a major inconvenience to feeling well. So I will categorize this post under "Health &...
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1 May


The Economist just published an article that resonates with me. The article is titled "The Grey Market. Older Consumers Will reshape The Business Landscape". It explains the current "grey-quake" of an older population as the richest in the richest countries and how it has largely been ignored or miss-targeted by companies trying to sell their services and goods. The Economist focuses on an older age group (Baby Boomers) than my own, but it is also relevant to me. Per the Economist, "companies have been relatively slow to focus on this expanding market...
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24 Apr


I never realized how much I had in common with Christie Brinkley until I read that she too chooses to drink champagne over green juice call us crazy non-conformists. Prosecco is our "green juice" that tastes good. I've tried to like green juice, but I am so sorry everyone, it's just not for me. I eat salad. I eat veggies. I can't drink them. Ick. When I read this article about Christie I was surprised by what I learned. Shame on me to think that everything about her is all fluff. I learned the New York Times reported that sparkling bubbles of sparkling wine and champagne help to prevent Alzheimer's. Now that is something I can drink in and drink...
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