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22 Jul


Why can’t I find a single interesting beauty topic to post about and share with you after reading nearly 200 subjects from various publications? I’m sorry, but after seeing a video regarding new magnetic fake eyelashes (huh?) I was left feeling as if I had writer’s block. Has everyone gone on a mini break and put their blogs, magazines, newsletters etc. on automated regurgitation of old content? Is there really simply nothing that new and worthwhile to share? Is it just too hard to create new content? Well here goes. I will try! Here is a product which may be new to us here in the USA but is well known in Japan. I learned about it because it was in a sample kit.

When my husband said he was going to Tokyo for business, likely to his dismay, I broke out into a huge smile and was genuinely excited for him to be going on this trip. Not because I wanted to get rid of him but rather I saw it as an opportunity for selfishly motivated me. He left with his marching orders to return with my list of Japanese beauty products that I wanted to try.

I have since been trying many of these products. I didn’t love all of them (the rice bran facial buffs, albeit gentle, just didn’t appeal to me.) When he told me he had to return to Japan for another trip, this time he wasn’t surprised by my enthusiasm. There was one product – the ecofriendly Konnyaku cleansing sponge by Makanai natural cosmetics that I insisted he stock for me because I had fallen madly in love with it.

I adore how effective and invigorating this makes my skin feel after use. It transports me to the spa instantly. It is as close to a virtual reality beauty experience that I can get right now. I also must mention the precious paper wrapping of quintessential high quality craftsmanship with attention to detail that is so Japanese. The sponge is made from a natural fiber derived from the root powder of the konjac plant then it is heated. Per Makanai: “It helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate dead cells while its moisture-rich properties leave your skin smooth and supple.” I agree!

The Japanese have used konjac for over 1,500 years as a traditional healthy food plus cooking ingredient and it is vitamin rich/mineral enriched as well as bio-degradable. Originally used for babies, kojac is always coated in water so the fibers hardly touch skin. You must wet the sponge for a few minutes and it will expand as you do so. It works wonders with an oil liquid cleanser or a soap bar even an exfoliator or a cream – everything and anything. I have refrigerated it after each use, as instructed, but also have not and either works as long as the extra water is squeezed out, storage is air-tight, and replace monthly.

There is something magical that happens during and after use. No unnecessary harsh chemicals! No toxic microplastics! Do not underestimate the power of this affordable implement that enables natural mild exfoliation and is incredibly gentle. Try it! I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of this recommended product. Click HERE. If you missed them, In the mood for cute (Japanese and Korean beauty), clarity, cleansing and brightening posts can be read HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE respectively.


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