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11 May

IN THE MOOD…#mathislit

Do you or your child struggle with or find math tedious? I am sharing this New York Times article, “Eugenia Cheng Makes Math A Piece of Cake. It Can Also Be A Piece of Pie or Custard – So Says a Professor and Author Who Spreads The Magic of Numbers Through Dessert Recipes“. Click HERE to read it. Eugenia is a mathematician and math populizer focused on convincing all quant averse adults and kids that learning math can be easy and fun. My MBA is from NYU but I did not start out as a strong math student. I slowly became comfortable with abstraction and eventually aced statistics (because it was so logical and I liked how helpful it is in solving problems). Call me a geek, it’s ok, I embrace my nerd-ness. Sometimes with dry subjects and those who don’t immediately like or “get” math, it takes some visual teaching to spark interest and/or connections. Millennials and younger generations demand instant gratification (a post about just that to follow). Eugenia seems to have found a way to deliver on both. The article about her gave me a flashback to a cooking themed elementary school math event I co-chaired with another pro-math mom and insightful school math coordinator. Eugenia has taken the idea of teaching math through baking to a new level of crazy (um did you watch the video above?) yet also high energy and creatively clever. Her approach may seem madcap ok yes duplicitous (sorry had to use a big word am feeling geeky) for self promotion purposes but maybe it works. If it does, then that will be fantastic. I can’t wait for Eugenia’s book “How To Bake π” to learn more, it becomes available in print this month. #mathislit Ok you can stop laughing now. I will return to writing about fluffy fun fashion, beauty using simple words and do apologize for my momentary lapse into a more intellectual topic. Don’t worry, my next post won’t be about pocket protectors. Unless they are super cute.

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