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10 Apr


I just picked up my daughter and her 2 friends. While driving the song Chandelier came on the radio. I like to listen to my music very loud. They didn’t mind. I asked them to sing – knowing that they really enjoy singing. They hesitated and said that they aren’t sopranos. I said just belt it out. They did and they hit the high notes. It made me think. How much do we let fear stand in our way? A lot. I’m not talking about the big things in life, but the small joyful moments – like this one. I also thought, are we sending mixed signals to our kids by instilling the fear of wrath if they do something inappropriate? Are they able to judge – when to hold back, when to let go? Parenting does not come with a handbook although there are so many books and counselors providing guidance. I guess good old fashioned being a living example has its merits. So I don’t feel so badly about playing my music loudly. I was having fun, living in the moment. Even at my age. Call me juvenile. I don’t care. If you are in the mood to belt it out, take a listen go for it, and click Here.

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