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20 Apr


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If you (or your children) have the social media illness FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) embrace the JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) and – click Here. There is a new store called # (hashtag) that sells Instagram endorsed cosmetic brands. Every female who lives or lived in NYC knows Ricky’s. The store # was started by Ricky’s founder. It is unique because it sells beauty products that women rave about on Instagram. I remember when Sephora first launched here in the USA. It filled a much needed niche as indie beauty brand incubator. Now it is challenging to gain placement at Sephora as a new start-up brand. I love how # is filling this space. Established brands are also sold because the number of “Instabrands” featured are only 20 (for now). Check it out the next time you are in Soho, the address is #489 Broadway, near Broome Street. It will keep you (and your daughters) from missing out.

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