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18 Apr


In my previous post Proof #1 (Age & Fitness) it was commented that as we age “we have to work for it”. This is so true. Breaks from the gym are ok. Many of us were just completely thrown off schedule due to the school Spring break, and luckily only 5% of muscle is lost every two weeks. Although every % lost is painful given the amount of effort required to build it. I don’t build muscle easily and rarely get around to working my abs. With summer approaching I am in the mood to focus on them. So I asked my health and wellness coach friend Adele Bonnie for some recommendations. She suggested that I check out “Strong Curves” by Brett Contreras (“Glute Guy”) and Kellie Davis click HERE also this blog Nia Shanks, Best Dang Exercises To Build A Better Body And Be More Awesome – chest, shoulders, back & abs. I love Adele, and her great advice. I am sharing this Vogue video below because it illustrates that even young, naturally long and lean Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge has got to “work for it”. Her goal is not muscular definition, as mine is, so our approaches are different. What’s interesting to me is that she clearly puts in time and mixes up exercise type. In one day she gets in: yoga, ballet, pilates, running, spin, boxing (and looks super cute while doing it all, of course). Note her diet. If only eating this clean and in such small portions were sustainable…

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