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24 Apr


Christie Brinkley, The Coveteur ImageI never realized how much I had in common with Christie Brinkley until I read that she too chooses to drink champagne over green juice call us crazy non-conformists. Prosecco is our “green juice” that tastes good. I’ve tried to like green juice, but I am so sorry everyone, it’s just not for me. I eat salad. I eat veggies. I can’t drink them. Ick. When I read this article about Christie I was surprised by what I learned. Shame on me to think that everything about her is all fluff. I learned the New York Times reported that sparkling bubbles of sparkling wine and champagne help to prevent Alzheimer’s. Now that is something I can drink in and drink to. Christie just launched her own line of organic prosecco. I love prosecco. It’s good for me and the earth because it’s organic right? Let’s toast to some girl power! The wine and spirit industry has always been dominated by men. To read about Christie’s beauty/hair routine click here Model Christie Brinkley (age 62) Drinks Champagne Instead of Green Juice. She Also Dry Exfoliates Her Face and Swears By Hair Extensions, the Coveteur Get Well Series.

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  • Denise

    She also uses the extra bubbly as a rinse for her hair. Christie claims it boosts shine.

    April 24, 2016 at 5:04 pm Reply

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