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17 Apr


I may never shop for clothing online again until there is virtual fitting technology. I’m exhausted from all of my trips to the post office and UPS making returns of items that looked great online but not so much on me. Here’s the tipping point.

WhoWhatWear just published a post “Your Next Great Outfit Is In This Slideshow”. I was hoping I would discover a great new find. The jacket in the photo above was featured and it looked worth trying. I had rocker chic on my mind after seeing the photo of Cobain (in my previous post). This is the sort of jacket we should have right now, according to WhoWhatWear. (insert sarcasm emoji here)

When it arrived I knew it was a mistake. Then I tried it on. I looked like I was trying out for a role in Grease. It was way too short waisted, unappealingly faux. It would make me look hilarious not fashionable. My daughter and her friend agreed it was awful. This was a major fashion blog recommendation fail. Beware: even great blogs like WhoWhatWear can (and do, often) get it wrong.

From now on, I will focus on being my own Cobain-like “authentic” self #youbeyou, and maybe even walk into a store the old-fashioned way to shop? I know I sound like a broken record but… we really need Virtual Fitting technology.

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