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26 Mar

mood: ready, QUICK sun kissed looks.

Solid & Striped Chartreue Rib The Beverly I hope that everyone is healthy and is soon "just out in the sun living your best life". Here is a 10 minute vibrant celementine makeup look that I think is really good. This super cute young makeup artist's "W" wave bronzing technique (starts at 3:51 of the video), 1 second outer eye only "V" technique (starts at 7:28), and overall sun kissed effect can be achieved using any peach, orange, copper, or brown makeup shades you likely already have. Don't forget your inner corner eye highlight (8:40) "boop it in there". Lips are at (9:30). 💋 ☑ bikini click here for link! ☑...
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13 Mar

mood: secluded. QUICK get ready with me beauty routine.

We like QUICK morning skincare & makeup routines. Especially when we are avoiding people by not going out, but still may have to show our faces on instagram or tiktok :). Here is my new QUICK get ready with me beauty routine. What are you trying? ☑ Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40. YAY! I can skip my skincare & just go straight to this - for a fresh natural look. It is a "clean" product with mineral sunscreen and my favorite skincare ingredients: squalane, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide. This brand recently received an infusion of investment capital. In the warmer seasons skipping several steps and having an all in one is key. ☑  elf 16 hour camo concealer SHOCKER at...
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1 Jul

mood: loving skincare xo HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! xo Here is an update to my Valentine's Day post, because I have now been using a few of these best selling Amazon beauty products for many months. The formulas are very nice (even for my sensitive skin) and they are as effective as any other similar far higher priced version. I will be replenishing! The affordability of this daily Vitamin C + Retinol regimen is really good. I only use them at night and I have been rotating my use of them, not using them together. Will you try them? If you do, please leave comments below with your thoughts. I miss my now empty The Ordinary Squalane, and will also replenish that. It is super...
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1 Feb

mood: glam

The GLAM rhinestone bobby pin is sold out but DAMN, DRIPPIN and GUCCI are available.🤣 Winter hair...
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30 Jan

mood: protective

We protect our face, eyes, what about the lips?  @carodaur in Dior yellow sunglasses Lips need TLC during winter and these 2 products I've started using help. For day, eltaMD UV Lip Blam SPF31 (no parabens, no fragrance) + for night, La Roche-Posay Nutritic Lip Balm For Very Dry Lips (no fragrance, with ceramides). Both available on Amazon. What works for you? NEW green beauty trend - tinted lip oils, coming soon from super clean brand Au Naturale! Also and just restocked, Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Creams available in 11 pretty shades. Moodsey is about sharing, and does not receive proceeds from purchase. ...
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26 Jan

mood: hopeful

Can 1 skincare product solve every one of our face's problems? No longer buy multiple creams and serums? A Bloomberg Businessweek article got me hopeful about new multitasking Grace + Tonic Moisture Cream ($35 at Target available 1/27) for a quickly achieved healthy glow. Currently I'm using my own concoction of: retinol (just during winter to tackle age spots and for exfoliation), peptides, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C or squalane oil. Also, the toner (Japanese Hadalabo Gokujun) recently reintroduced. I was taught a long time ago not to bother with eye cream. According to the article "an advantage of using a multitasking product is that you know that the combination of active ingredients is stable, as opposed to combining multiple...
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18 Jan

mood: empathetic

A simple makeup look for an everyday win @vivis_makeup @logginater #nomakeupmakeup #tutorial A comment made by a gorgeous follower on my last post inspired this post. Getting ready quickly, the struggle is real. I hear you. I recently learned about this amazing London based makeup artist. Her looks are natural and that glow wow via few products. I'm obsessed. If you like this look, products used are listed below. This should take no time at all to help make gorgeous you feel ready to take on the world in a flash. Thank you everyone for your inspiring comments! @byterryofficial brightening CC serum, @beccacosmetics aqua luminous concealer, Opal liquid highlighter, Grapefruit lip & cheek tint, @soapbrows Moodsey is about sharing, and...
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10 Jan

mood: playful

Hair that is lustrous and silky like Barbie's, that is what I got with only one application of this hair treatment ELVIVE Color Vibrancy Repair & Protect Balm by L'Oreal.  It received 4,899 4.4/5.0 stars (click on the bold for details); $6.99 available at your local drugstore. I also will try Olaplex next. Does anyone have a favorite hair treatment product? Moodsey is about sharing, and does not receive proceeds from purchase....
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26 Dec

mood: festive

Here is a popular Japanese toner that I am currently trying because I decided a toner (quick liquid exfoliator) is an old skincare step that I really miss. Great skin + red lip, festive makeup done. What is your recent skincare obsession? Let's share. New year, new skincare!  Hadalabo Rohto Gokujun Hyaluronic 肌研 This necklace layering look is also really great for festive gatherings. Moodsey is about sharing, and does not receive proceeds from purchase.  ...
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