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6 Apr


Some interesting companies have just gained significant investment capital to expand their businesses.

1) Tamara Mellon – The former chief creative officer and co-founder of Jimmy Choo.

2) Juicero – This looks and sounds amazing for all of us focused on healthy eating (WiFi connected for freshness monitoring and auto-delivery of ice pack refills) but it is very expensive (think high end espresso machine equivalent, this juicer is estimated to cost around $2k a year, pre-made organic juices are cheaper). For more information about Juicero with pros and cons click Here.

3) eat – This is a highchair and plate concept that is magnet based to minimize mess and maximize sanity.

4) Knewton –  This is an online adaptive learning resource. Currently offer: Math content for grades 6-12, English Language Arts content for grades 4-6, and Biology content for grades 9-11.


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