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3 May

mood: practical

I just read "8 Pieces You Need To Pull Off Athleisure Like a Fashion Girl" and decided I must write "8 Pieces We Need To Pull Off Athleisure Like a Real (not foolish) Girl" so here you go! ☑ Black, navy, white, gray solid tops and bottoms that are comfortable and enhance our shape from Athleta, lululemon, or Bandier. For a tailored fit to your top experiment knotting in the front, on the side, in the back with a hair tie then tuck under. Another option is to turn your top inside out, grab the bottom or middle into a small bunch and tie with hair tie then turn the top right side out and lengthen if...
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14 Mar

mood: lazy

This skincare product is from the UK, costs $8 (NOT A TYPO), and makes me glow. Here is why I am in love: ☑ By the end of winter, I am my laziest about a lot of things including skincare. This is now my winter favorite because when I use it I feel I don't need much makeup. So by using it I actually save time and can continue to be my usual winter lazy self. This, SPF, concealer where needed, mascara, ILIA Polka Dots & Moonbeams illuminator on brow bone then nose tip then highest point of cheekbone, done. ☑ It is very stable. Why is this important? Many oils quickly decay when exposed to heat, air. Argan,...
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5 Feb


As you know from several of my posts like Cosmetics Chemical Truth, I am a non toxic brand pioneer and champion, having started one 9 years ago. This makes me really picky as shown with my post about Gwyneth Paltrow's goop Juice Beauty being elitist in pricing. Now, there are many non toxic beauty product brands. Beautycounter products, for example, include none of the chemicals I avoid. They are priced lower than goop Juice Beauty, Tata Harper, Kjaer Weis; yet higher than W3ll People, Burt's Bees, Yes to Carrots, Shea Moisture, Dr. Bronner's, S.W.Basics, and similar to Jurlique, RMS, REN clean skincare, BITE beauty, ILIA makeup, Smith & Cult nail polish, Nonesuch, Makanai, Josie Maran, Honest Beauty....
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18 Jan


My January skincare & makeup SECRET WEAPON list: ☑ "How do I love thee?" My Korean DERMAL Collagen Facial Masks (set of 16 for $10). "Let me count the ways". Buy these pronto. If you don't believe me, check out the 1,444 reviews of these sheet masks in varying flavors: citrus, cucumber, charcoal, green tea, royal jelly and more. I didn't even follow the recommended leave on time and still immediately felt a difference in my skin's texture. It's like a cold shower for the face. Incredibly refreshing. ☑ oh k! Latex free Cleansing Pad (set of 2 for $8). They remove makeup, gently exfoliate, and invigorate. ☑ "Some people go to priests; others to...
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12 Jan

MOOD: FRUSTRATED where did my gym mojo go?

CAUTION! A crime has been committed. BY me or TO me. Maybe both. At least that's how it feels. I am trying EVERYTHING to get my workout mojo back. I've stolen my teen's "beats" headphones and church was selfishly used Christmas eve, as I desperately seek any and all divine intervention. Here are AJR's "Weak" song lyrics that inspired this post. "Am I weak? And what's wrong with that. Boy oh boy I love you when I fall for that. My habits they call me like a grudge. But I give in so easily. And no thank you is how it should go. I should stay strong, but I'm weak and what's wrong with that boy oh...
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13 Dec


A friend just mentioned that she saw Kelly Ripa in a dark green sequin pencil skirt, black turtleneck, stiletto pumps. Easy enough right? Maybe I'll try it. I've been seeking a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) New Year's Soirée party outfit and just poured through so much content about holiday party outfit recommendations my head is spinning. Sadly not a single idea is a memorable standout. I ordered and returned several possibilities, including the previous post red dress, which looked nothing at all on me as it did on the 20 year old model. She clearly was wearing a different dress. Lol. Here are some black sequin pencil skirts, because I decided red or green is too cliché. Vince...
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9 Dec


Gucci gift idea alert! Available HERE. A luxury belt that isn't in your face ostentatious, with gold hardware, that may be worn dressed up or down. It's borrowed from the boys, and less pricey than the typical double GG style. This belt's color pop will make neutral outfits, like the dress pictured above, standout. If you like it for yourself, gift it to your husband, then secretly borrow it. Wrap and tuck the end underneath. Consider the belt your holiday "Gift With Purchase". Check out this previous post about the power of color for makeup stocking stuffer suggestions. Here are 4 Colors Proven To Make You Look Younger from today's Who What Wear for apparel gift ideas especially the red-violet Gucci wool...
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5 Dec


This is the dress! Now all we need is the party. No makeup. Undone hair. Done. & Other Stories, Ruby Sequin Dress. Moodsey is about sharing not selling and does not receive proceeds from purchase of this recommended brand....
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26 Nov


It isn't always easy to get a great photo, especially at night inside or outside. That's why this gadget, the LuMee iphone/Samsung Galaxy case, grabbed my attention. The phone case literally is "lit" because it illuminates adding essential extra brightness for quality photographs. No more million attempts to get just one adequate photo. I also like how this started out as a photographer's simple idea then evolved as a new product and caught on organically. I mean if Kim Kardashian the selfie queen and Oprah love it then why wouldn't we? This is an American innovation story and a great stocking stuffer for everyone. Check out a short LuMee informational video about how it started and to...
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20 Nov


It arrived today and I love how shiny this trench is! However, it's small and too cool for me. At least that's what I thought, until my husband told me I was wrong. Does anyone else buy clothes that are too big and too basic for comfort? I clearly am making this mistake. It's likely aging the way we look more than we realize. The trench is a high-shine polyurethane patent leather look coat pictured above on me. I don't like posting pictures of myself but seeing an unusual trend on someone who isn't a young perfect model is realistic and hopefully helpful. The Briggate trench is from the Marks & Spencer collaboration with Alexa Chung a popular British fashionista. There is...
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