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23 Oct


Look at what I can do after a year of dedicated strength training - squats with 135 pound weights. Crazy, right? Check out the legs on my 43-year-old friend and health coach, Adele Bonnie. Incredible! Look at 80-year-old Ernestine Shepherd pictured above. Wow!! My and Adele’s goals have shifted over time. I used to be more concerned with being “thin” but now I’m more interested in muscle tone and strength. Adele used to run for hours but now she loves seeing how many pull-ups she can knock out in 5 minutes. Our goals and schedules change over time and your goals may be totally different from ours. But we find that what most women we know have in...
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19 Oct


A $6 facial serum? Wow! Check out this UK popular skincare line of serums called The Ordinary. HERE is their new $6 (no that is not a typo) Vitamin C serum so popular that we must now get in line to be notified when back in stock. Read HERE about the brand, which offers all our key essentials for great skin and does so via the most minimal ingredients (only 1-2) at amazing prices. Essentials include: anti-oxidant, peptide, retinol, hylauronic acid. The 1 serum missing is Vitamin E but you will easily find low priced E creams and oils on Amazon and even at Trader Joe's. I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of this recommended...
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14 Oct


If you missed out on the Broadway musical hit Hamilton tickets as I did, block your calendar, because one week from today - on Friday, October 21st at 9pm ET PBS is airing a 90 minute special about it with cast performances. This isn't just any review, it is a behind the scenes documentary about the creator's journey while developing the show. It is also a great time to sit down with your family for some entertainment and history. Check out "Hamilton's America" trailer above....
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11 Oct


Click HERE to browse the fun, cool No.6 shearling clog booties in black as pictured above and seen on Julianne Moore. There are many colors, heel heights and styles. The color Natural is also very nice. Happy browsing! I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of this recommended brand. Moodsey is about sharing not selling. ...
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10 Oct


Fall feet on fleek. Dear Frances Spirit boots in black as seen and pictured above on Bella with Kendall. Click HERE to browse. They are perfect for Fall, Winter, and your Halloween witch costume. Happy Monday! I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of this recommended brand. Moodsey is about sharing not selling. ...
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9 Oct


"Americans are obsessed with happiness - and it's making us miserable". Lol! Per Ruth Whippman a Brit and author living in the USA. We laugh, but maybe she has a point and it is at least worth thinking about. Did my kid make the A team? Get invited to the party? Should I go to the gym or catch up on my much needed rest? Should I start that gratitude journal or pick up Gretchen Rubin's best seller Happier at Home? The book The Alchemist told me I should know my passion and pursue it. What is my passion? I should know it! She seems nice, I'd like to be her friend, but will she like me? Do...
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5 Oct


Are we ever in the mood for core workouts? Maybe not. But I do need them. Some days (like today for me) we can't make it to the gym and just want someone to tell us what to do so we can get it done, quickly. So here you go. I've got 1 to share! We can do (try) anything for 6 minutes right? We just follow along (the best we can) as we watch Lauren Kleban's video. Forget crunches. Planks are where it's at. Nothing but a device, floor, mat, and maybe elbow pads are needed - so we have no excuses right? Lauren is a former professional dancer, choreographer, Hollywood trainer, and now digital fitness...
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28 Sep


I am addicted to a gadget that instantly relieves my aches and gets the kinks out. It is effective at easing muscle tension and blood flow. This is something you can do anytime in just a few minutes. Also, it is affordable and easy to use. Although it feels like I am sharing a secret many of you likely already know about the foam roller, a post workout gadget that really helped me and I got hooked on when I was seeing a physical therapist for an injured rotator cuff. Click HERE for 6 moves from Well + Good. I have the Power Systems roller $15 from Amazon click HERE. However, rumor has it that the Rumble Roller...
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25 Sep


No, not the drink! Having recently stumbled upon the cute Scotch & Soda Amsterdam fashion brand, I decided it is too good not to share. See below for my recent purchase. Since velvet and loafers are on trend I will be dusting off my vintage velvet blazer and Gucci loafers. Trends usually repeat and if you are older than 25, we can often find in our own closet what we need to be on trend. One of the benefits of ageing. I've decided that my favorite Fall pairing of all time is a jean with a white top. Click HERE for the Outnet's picks. My recent Fall Fashion haul is listed below. Each can be worn separately styled up or...
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18 Sep


I am currently obsessed with this sleek, adorable British handbag brand Hill & Friends. Check out the hardware. Yes that is a smiley face clasp. To browse their bestsellers, click HERE. My pick is this classic and roomy liquorice black Happy Chain style with no ears above the clasp - available on the Outnet at 60% off, click HERE. I do not receive any proceeds from purchase of this recommended brand. Happy Sunday! :)...
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